If we build it will they come?

Help us Build the UFO Landing Site Theme Park.

I want to turn my property into a Sci Fi based theme park. I own 108 acres of Land to build this on but I need Investors to help turn this property into commercial property. The property is located in Northern California about 2.5 hours from San Francisco.

The First Sci Fi Theme we want to build is a replica of Stonehenge.

I want to build a recreation of Stonehenge how it was first built. We would use this area and design it as best as possible to see if stonehenge has any astronomical formulas hidden in it. It would be aligned to the same Sun and Moon alignments as the original. We are going to hook lasers up to the Stonehenge replica and see if it lines up with any stars. Maybe we can unlock some hidden secrets from the structure. What if Stonehenge contains formulas or points to locations in the sky?

The other themed area we want to build is a Close Encounters Style UFO landing strip.

This property would be a place where people can stay the night, camp under the stars and go out and star gaze and we would have themed events for people to come and stay the weekend at. In the summer time we would have some Astronomy Conventions for people to learn about the stars. We would have other events to try to have UFO sightings.

We would turn the property into a commercial bed and breakfast to make the money back that is invested in this. Some of the money would also be used for Hydro-Electric and Solar to generate income. Think along the lines of Coral Castle in florida. This would be a unique place to visit. We cannot guarantee a UFO sighting, only that we have seen them in the past. We want to give people a place to stargaze and experiment and try to have more sightings.

This idea for the landing strip started from just a passing joke when a future neighbor saw my property. He asked me "What is this place, A UFO Landing Strip? I kind of Laughed, but then I thought about my families UFO sighting 20 years before. That Joke he made somehow made sense.

During the 1980's my family had cows on the property. I don't know if thats why the UFO was there but one night as my mom looked out the window she saw a huge red object hovering over our property. It was the brightest and most beautiful Red color she has ever seen. She yelled at me to come see it but by the time I got down the stairs it took off. It's size would be close to that of a goodyear blimp.

I know how strange this sounds. One Theory my family has it that sound can attract a UFO. It used to be one of those gimmick gadgets those silent pest repellers that put out infared sound to repell pests or bugs. Well my dad bought like 15 of them because if one works well fifteen will work much better. He hooked up 15 of them a day before my mom saw the UFO. We have always wondered if sound can attract a UFO.

The 100 acres we have has an 8 acre hilltop plateau. It's so large and visible from the sky a small plane in distress tried landing on it.

We want to build an outdoor studio to try to attract UFO's. It would be something along the lines of the scenes in Close Encounters. We would also want a way to make a lightshow to play if we saw some type of craft. Basicly this place would be a Bed and Breakfast that people could stay at to star gaze and have a out of this world experience at. We also would generate income from weddings held on the property. People would also like to stay on the property because of its waterfalls and streams.

We don't have the unlimited resources to do this so we are looking for a partner to help us invest in this project. This is a very far out idea so I cannot exactly go to a bank to get investors for this. That is why I have this up on kickstarter. I am sure someone laughed when Walt Disney wanted to build his theme park about a mouse and if Captain Kirk can sell his kidney stone on Ebay, then why can't I find people who love the idea of a Sci Fi based theme park.

What we are looking for is a someone to help fund this project and get it off the ground. We would use UFOLandingStrip.com to promote this property.

I'm sure you have lots of questions don't be afraid to contact us. If you would like to make a appointment to tour the property or meet in person please email me.

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